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Location:San Francisco, CA
Markets:social media and search; curated web; social bookmarking; social media


Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool for saving and discovering creative ideas.+ more about Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual discovery and planning tool. People ("Pinners") use the site and apps to get ideas for their future, such as recipes, places to travel, and products to buy, and save the things they love to their own boards. Pinners also follow the boards of others who they find interesting. The site experienced rapid growth in the second half of 2011 and is now a widely used social media application.


Total Funding:$1.32b+ more funding details
Investors:Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners, Innovation Department, FirstMark Capital, Valiant Capital Partners, Fidelity Investments, SV Angel, Goldman Sachs, Wellington Management, Slow Ventures, Rakuten, New York Angels
1 / 2010500,000New York Angels. FirstMark Capital. 
5 / 201110,000,000FirstMark Capital. Bessemer Venture Partners. 
10 / 201127,000,000FirstMark Capital. Bessemer Venture Partners. Andreessen Horowitz. 
5 / 2012100,000,000Slow Ventures. Rakuten. Andreessen Horowitz. FirstMark Capital. Bessemer Venture Partners. 
2 / 2013200,000,000Bessemer Venture Partners. Andreessen Horowitz. FirstMark Capital. Valiant Capital Partners. 
10 / 2013225,000,000FirstMark Capital. Andreessen Horowitz. Valiant Capital Partners. Bessemer Venture Partners. Fidelity Investments. 
5 / 2014200,000,000Valiant Capital Partners. FirstMark Capital. Bessemer Venture Partners. SV Angel. Andreessen Horowitz. Fidelity Investments. 
3 / 2015367,000,000Andreessen Horowitz. Bessemer Venture Partners. Innovation Department. 
5 / 2015186,000,000Valiant Capital Partners. SV Angel. FirstMark Capital. Bessemer Venture Partners. Andreessen Horowitz. Goldman Sachs. Wellington Management. Fidelity Investments. 

The Pinterest Management Team

Ben SilbermannCo-Founder, CEO
Evan SharpCo-Founder
Paul SciarraCo-founder
Tram NguyenHead of Product Partner Marketing
Jyri KidwellHead of Marketing Developer Partnerships

Pinterest Team's Most Common Backgrounds

Previous organizations:
Google. Twitter. Yahoo!. Facebook. Cold Brew Labs. 
Previous roles:
Software Engineer. Engineer. Outsourcing Manager. Board Observer. Software Engineer Intern. 
Stanford University. Yale University. Carnegie Mellon University. Loyola University, Chicago. University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign. 
School majors:
Computer Science. Information Technology. Marketing. Design as Author/Entrepreneur. History. 

DataFox Quality Scores

Overall score:1091
HR score:
Growth score:
Finance score:

Pinterest Competitors

twitter.com/ icon, visit the Twitter profile on DataFoxTwitter
www.facebook.com/ icon, visit the Facebook profile on DataFoxFacebook
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