Hyperscaling Inside Sales: Parker Conrad & Sam Blond (Zenefits)

Jason Lemkin and Aaron Ross interviewed CEO Parker Conrad and VP Sales Sam Blond about Zenefits’ growth from 0 to 100 reps in 2014. The interview took place at the SaaStr Annual Conference on February 5, 2015. […]

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Ben Horowitz: DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series

Earlier today Ben Horowitz spoke at Stanford as part of the DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series. We've highlighted the key points in this post.

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Keith Rabois on the Role of a COO and How to Hire the Best


The Role of a COO and Scaling Your Startup
Hiring the Right People
Are You Writing or Are You Editing?
When Editing Turns Into Micro-Managing
Hiring Diversity (Or Not)
Hiring “A” Players
How to Hire For Functional Roles You Know […]

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eCommerce vs. Fashion vs. Don’t Compete with Amazon

If you are an entrepreneur building an eCommerce or fashion company, or you're an investor thinking the company you just invested in is in both, some clarity can be gained by asking the question: is this company competing with Amazon?

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The Commoditization of Cloud Storage. An Interview with Box CEO @levie

Aaron Levie is the 'lead magician' (and CEO) at Box and is the number one person you should be following on Twitter. Levie was interviewed by Dan Primack at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference and the topic was the future of the enterprise. We summarized it for you (and more) in this week’s Notes from the video you should have watched.

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Alex Laskey: How Behavioral Science Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Alex Laskey is the co-founder and president of Opower, and in his TED talk he shows how a quirk of human behavior can make us all better, wiser energy users with lower bills to prove it. This is a summary of his talk at the 2013 TED Conference, and it is the first part of our two part series on the developing - and incredibly exciting - energy management industry.

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Peter Thiel: All We Need is a Singularity (TEDx)


Note: a version of this post was first published by PandoDaily on May 16, 2014.
The US as we know it depends on us rediscovering our innovation
If there’s one video everyone should watch but far too […]

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Marc Andreessen on Big Breakthrough Ideas and Courageous Entrepreneurs

Investor and entrepreneur Marc Andreessen recently sat down for a Q&A at Stanford GSB - 55 minutes of incredible insights. We've got the not-to-be-missed summary.

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A Fireside Chat with Jeff Bezos: Innovation & All Things Amazon

Continuing our series “Notes From The Video You Should Have Watched”, we’ve summarized this fireside chat between Jeff Bezos and Werner Vogels (Amazon’s CTO), where they talk their recipe for success.

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Howard Lindzon – Disrupting Wall Street

Howard Lindzon is a serial entrepreneur, a hedge fund manager, and has invested in over 50 early-stage startups through his angel fund. In a recent "This Week in Startups" he provides valuable insight into his success.

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Ashton Kutcher’s Inspiring Speech: #Startup Version

Ashton Kutcher presents to Stanford students: what he looks for in a company, the value he offers as an investor and why you should not try to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. We break down the video you should have watched.

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Fred Wilson’s Talk at LeWeb: The 3 Big Megatrends

Investor Fred Wilson was asked to speak about the types of technologies we are going to see in the next 10 years. He discusses his framework for thinking about the future - which centers around the most important macro trends.

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